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We're on a mission

9:03AM May 06, 2019

Our Battle Ground build is now underway.

We recently shared the news of our Battle Ground build. Many residents in that area have expressed their elation for the service:

"The HOA Board has been in communication with the Project Team for
Shawnee Ridge! We are over the moon!"

"Got this email today from Tipmont ... We are next!!! Yay!!"

"Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait...!!!!!!!"

However, for every excited individual, there are many more who are frustrated that their area isn't next. This is especially true for long-suffering rural consumers; many who have no real option at all. Their disappointment is why we're responding so aggressively.

Tipmont and Wintek are on a mission to transform our co-op from an electric-only provider to an essential services provider - the tools we know our communities need to be successful. High speed broadband is crucial to individual, family, and community success.

While there are some very rural areas in the recently announced Battle Ground build, there are also some areas that have other service options available. After completing our first build in the very rural areas of Linden, New Richmond and Romney, the higher population density in the second build area will help stabilize the fiber business so we can serve the more rural areas long-term. This balance is vital to the sustainability of the project.

Another step we're taking is applying for grant funding both at the federal and state level. The grants are designed to aid providers willing to bring higher speed internet to underserved rural areas. If successful, these grants would provide considerable support to our project. Each grant has timeline requirements that would be factored into our build strategy and accelerate our ability to deploy in those areas. We hope to know more about the application results later this summer.

Wintek, powered by Tipmont, is committed to providing this state-of-the-art broadband solution to every consumer we serve, not just those that are profitable. That’s what a co-op is all about – people pulling together to acquire collectively crucial services they could not achieve on their own.

The question we hear repeatedly – "When will we get service???" – is totally understandable. The answer is we don’t fully know yet. But what we do know is that our entire Tipmont/Wintek team and board of directors is on a mission to deliver the services we know our communities need.

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