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Update on in-home internet installations

3:52PM April 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life for nearly everyone as we work to slow the rate of transmission and flatten the curve. An unfortunate circumstance of the social distancing measures is how they've exposed the limitations faced by communities still waiting for high-speed internet service from Wintek.

At the outset of the pandemic, Wintek suspended in-home internet service installations to help reduce the possibility of exposure. In the time since, we've been working with state government and health officials to identify ways we can resume installations that meet CDC guidelines.

If you have a pending in-home installation, we will contact you when our installations are ready to resume. If you have ordered service and are waiting on your fiber drop construction (running the fiber line to the outside of your home), that work is proceeding as normal.

One additional solution we have enabled is free public WiFi at North Montgomery High School. We're currently working to enable other public WiFi spots in Tippecanoe and Fountain counties. Watch for more information soon.

We're acutely aware of how difficult these circumstances are, especially for those who lack adequate internet access. Our fiber network construction is proceeding on schedule and we hope to resume our in-home installations as soon as possible.

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