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Tipmont acquires Wintek Corporation

3:58PM December 12, 2018

This is a momentous day that we’ve looked forward to for nearly a year and we're excited that we can finally share this news with our community.

When Tipmont made this decision to offer fiber internet, it was predicated on Tipmont constructing and managing the network on our own. Having spent two years completing feasibility studies and market analyses, we were confident in our ability. But we also realized that we faced a significant learning curve. We needed to quickly master network engineering, fiber construction and the communications services regulatory environment. That takes time. Meanwhile, our members are telling us that the need is dire and immediate. So, we began looking for ways to improve our performance and accelerate our deployment. That search yielded a solution that will benefit every member of our community.

As of January 1, 2019, Tipmont will acquire Wintek Corporation, this area’s premier technology and fiber solutions provider. Wintek’s existing and stable infrastructure, especially as it relates to fiber service, combined with the care for and commitment to their customers made this a natural and easy conversation.

Tipmont and Wintek have a long history of partnership. For over a decade, Wintek has used our poles to attach portions of their residential and business fiber network.  Wintek has also consulted on our information technology systems and provided connectivity to various Tipmont resources, including our headquarters in linden. The longer we worked with Wintek, the more we recognized how their expertise and knowledge of the fiber communications industry could immediately strengthen our labor force.

But what really made this work was our shared values. Wintek shares our core principle of community success, a belief that we have a special responsibility to provide essential infrastructure in the areas where our members live and work and, as importantly, that those infrastructure investments are state-of-the-art.

We believe services in rural Indiana should be and will be the best available anywhere. With fiber internet, many rural families will be able to take classes online, video chat with family members who are far away, and work remotely. This fiber internet service will be as transformative as the inception of electric service 80 years ago. 

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