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Lafayette community night information

9:06AM March 30, 2020

Unable to make the Lafayette Community Night held on March 10?  Here's a recap of the information presented at the meeting.

Fiber Build Areas & Timelines

The 2020 Lafayette build is broken up into 26 smaller zones that represent geographical boundaries such as neighborhoods. For a map of the Lafayette build area, visit the zone page at Here you can find the zones, along with their estimated timelines to become in-service. In-service means construction is complete and service is available. For more information on the complete construction and installation process, click here.

Please remember, timelines provided are our best estimate and subject to weather, construction permits, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Hassle Free Internet

  • Free installation
  • No data caps
  • No contracts
  • No fine print
  • No gimmicks

Speeds & Pricing

Our speeds are symmetrical – meaning our upload and download speed are the same. Most other internet providers limit your upload speed. This matters when it comes to gaming, video chatting, and backing up your files. Transparent pricing - the price you see listed for each service is what you will see on your bill. There are no hidden fees, taxes, etc.  

Why should I pre-order service?

While your zone is under construction and not ready for service, we still want you to be able to place an order for service. We call this stage the pre-order status. 

Placing your pre-order online helps us send relevant communication to you regarding timelines, construction progress, and events. You can stay up to date with your zone’s progress here. We’ll also be posting construction updates here

Pre-orders often allow us to complete the drop construction, the process of bringing the fiber from the road to your home, prior to your zone being ready for service. Even if your drop is unable to be completed prior to your zone status being brought in-service, chances are your initial site visit will be completed and your drop construction is at least in the queue, lessening your total wait time.

My drop has been completed. Why can't my service be installed?

While your zone is in pre-order phase, construction to bring service to your neighborhood is still in process. This includes the underground and aerial fiber line construction as well as installing the necessary network equipment. We'll let you know when your zone is ready to be moved in-service.

How long will it take for me to get service, once my zone becomes in-service?

The length of time we estimate to get your service installed depends on several factors, including how many orders we have. As a general guideline, if your drop construction has not been completed, it can take anywhere from six to ten weeks to install once your zone becomes in-service. You can view the fiber construction/installation process here.  

If your drop has been completed, we estimate anywhere from two to five weeks for in-home installation to take place. This depends on several factors, including how many installs are ready for scheduling and the number of zones that become in-service at one time. Rest-assured, we do everything possible to make this process as efficient as possible.    

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