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Is there a difference between pre-registration and placing an order?

3:25PM July 12, 2019

Several of our members have asked if there is a difference between pre-registering for service and placing an order for service.  The answer is most definitely yes! Both are key steps to getting Wintek fiber internet.


Anyone can pre-register their interest. Pre-registration simply lets us know that you are interested in ultra-fast, reliable internet service from Wintek, powered by Tipmont.   As we plan our fiber network, your registration helps us see the amount of interest in your area. Entering your information does not obligate you for service, but it does allow us to notify you when service becomes available in your area and keep you informed of our construction progress as we move forward.   

The Lingo

There are several key words we use to refer to the pre-registration process - Register your interest, join our list, pre-register. 

Helpful Tips

  • Only one registration per household is needed.  Multiple registrations for the same address only slows down our process. 
  • We strongly recommend the person registering be someone with an existing electric account. Why is this? When it’s time to order service, the information must match the electric account holder’s information. If it does, it will move seamlessly through the order process. If the information does not match, the order cannot move forward until the account information is verified.

How to Pre-Register

The pre-registration process is quick and easy.  Simply enter your address to verify which zone you are in.  Then provide your name and contact information.  It’s that simple! 


Placing an Order

Placing an order involves selecting the internet service you would like, along with any other service such as television and phone.  You will also answer a brief questionnaire.

We generally start takings orders for service once the mainline construction is near completion or completed.  Once your zone is able to order service, we’ll send you an email to let you know.  We’ll also include a special link in the email that will take you to your user dashboard where you can select the option to place an order.  From there, it’s simply a matter of selecting the internet products you would like.  Not sure of the exact speed you need?  Don’t worry!  You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and finalize your order before service is installed. 

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