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Introducing Wintek, internet with hometown pride!

1:39PM April 26, 2019

Wintek powered by Tipmont logoAt Tipmont, our mission is to empower our communities by providing state-of the art essential services. In our ever more-connected world, we rely on the internet every day, just like we all need electricity. After evaluating the possibility of offering internet, TV, and phone services, our Tipmont members responded clearly: affordable, high-speed internet is an essential service they desperately need.

Tipmont recently acquired Wintek, the area’s premier technology and fiber internet provider. We are starting the process of rolling out fiber internet service immediately to Tipmont’s 23,000 customers. This essential service is now branded as Wintek, powered by Tipmont. Powered by Tipmont, Wintek will provide dependable service from a company you know and trust. The new brand matches our personality—ambitious and reliable.

The construction of the Wintek fiber network is ambitious and complex, involving a process that will take multiple years to complete. We are excited to announce that we successfully completed the alpha trial of fiber internet service, and we are now taking orders and installing customers in our first build zones located in the Linden, New Richmond and Romney area.

Thank you for your patience as we continue constructing our network. Check back here regularly to see our progress. If you have questions, please let us know. And again, thanks for your patience!

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