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Battle Ground build update

11:24AM October 24, 2019

Shawnee Ridge, Harrison Meadows, Hawks Nest,  Prophets Rock Heights, and E CR 600 N, and China Grove have all been placed in service and we currently have over 300 customers in these zones total that are either connected or in the process of getting connected to fast, reliable fiber internet from Wintek, powered by Tipmont! Place your order today!

Good news for the remaining Battle Ground zones

We’re happy to announce that highway 43 permitting has been approved. The permit will allow us to complete construction along highway 43 and bring service to the remainder of the Battle Ground zones. We’ll be working over the next couple of months to complete the construction that will allow us to bring service to your area. Make sure you place your pre-order at the top of this page so we can speed the construction of fiber to your home by completing the drop and attaching the junction box to the outside of your home, while still in construction. This in turn, will make it easier to get you connected when we are ready for the in-home installation and set-up of your internet.

Woods Edge – planning, engineering and construction, oh my!

The design for your neighborhood has been completed and we’re just waiting on engineering approval and are planning for the construction phase with goal of having service active by spring 2020. Make sure to register your interest at the top of this page, so that you can stay update with your area’s progress. Soon you’ll be able to place your pre-order for service. A community night is also being planned for your neighborhood so that we can provide a construction update and answer your questions about our service.

Wintek powered by Tipmont is…

  • Reliable.  With near-perfect uptime, you’ll get the entertainment, news, and information you expect from the internet with speeds that keep you flying – up to 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps) – on a network that won’t let you down.
  • Hassle-free. Choose the plan that fits your needs.  Installation is free, there are no contracts to sign, and we don’t limit your data usage.
  • Trustworty. Experience service and support from a local company you already know-Wintek is powered by your neighbors at Tipmont REMC.

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