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Announcing Our Next Build Area!

10:06AM April 23, 2019

We’re pleased to announce our next fiber internet build area in northern Tippecanoe County east of I-65 and including the town of Battle Ground. Our fiber network offers internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps) with unlimited data, allowing you to stream videos, play games online, and download and upload—on multiple devices— with ease and reliable service from a company you can trust.

Construction timeline

The build will begin the week of April 15 in the Harrison Meadows sub-division on 600 N, followed by the Shawnee Ridge and Hawk’s Nest subdivisions. Weather-permitting, crews will generally work Monday – Saturday from dawn until dusk.

The remainder of the build schedule will depend on factors such as weather delays, materials availability, railroad and INDOT permits and crew availability. The entire build for this area is scheduled to be complete in December 2019. 

What to expect during construction

Fiber Construction Preparation
For several weeks now, our engineering department has been drafting plans and scheduling the resources needed to begin construction. Their engineering work will continue throughout the build area over the next several months. Line crews are also replacing identified poles to support the extra weight of the fiber lines.

Mainline fiber construction
Over the next several weeks, you may see crews from Berry IT, our fiber build contractor, walking through your neighborhood, taking photos and gathering measurements. Beginning this week, they will be constructing the main fiber network to this area. This step takes a fair amount of time because it involves placing fiber cables in the ground and/or on utility poles. In most cases, the fiber path is along public rights of way on poles, or existing easements on private properties.

A right-of-way is a type of easement or agreement with property owners that grants Tipmont the right to manage a piece of property; in this case for the purpose of maintaining power lines.

The fiber cable will generally follow the same path as our existing electric system and connect to homes near the electric meter. If your area has underground electric service, the fiber optic cable will be buried in the same location. If electric service is overhead, the fiber optic cable will run overhead, adjacent to the electric wire.

811 Flags
During construction, you may notice flags or paint on your property. These markings show where existing underground lines are located. The white flags represent where the fiber lines will be placed. Please leave these flags in place for at least 21 days from their appearance. Removing the flags could delay construction. 

Yard or other property damage

We will repair any damage done to your property during construction. This is typically damage to your yard from burying the fiber line underground. A professional landscaping contractor will repair the damage to your lawn as soon as work is complete in your area.

If you have any concerns about damage to your property, please call us at (800) 726-3953.

When will I get service?

Service is typically available for installation about four months from the time that mainline construction begins in your area. The best way to be notified when service is available in your area is to register your address

The entire build for this area is scheduled to be complete in December 2019.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

If you have further questions or concern about our fiber construction, please contact us at (800) 726-3953.

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