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An update for the Yeddo build area

4:37PM April 01, 2021

Thank you for your patience!

It’s hard to believe that spring is here! The recent warmer weather has our mainline construction on track. Construction in the eastern zones is almost complete and the western zones are expected to finish by the end of April. 

The response to our service in the Yeddo build area is very high. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with an exceptional experience. Our member service team has done an outstanding job of quickly processing orders. Most orders are processed immediately, however on occasion, we may need to speak with you to verify the order information. 

What you can do: If we have left a message regarding the need to verify information on your order, please contact us to keep our process on track.

Initial site visit

We have six connection specialists working to call, schedule, and complete the initial site visit with members who have ordered service. However, with such a large influx of orders, it may take us a little longer to work through our volume of orders.

At this visit, our engineers will consult with you about the plan to bring the fiber network from your property line to the outside of your home or business. Remember, the fiber cable will follow the same path as your electric service. If you currently have underground electric service, your fiber optic cable will be buried in the same location. If your electric service is overhead, the fiber optic cable will run overhead, adjacent to the wire. 

For those homes requiring underground construction, you will need to identify any private utilities located along the fiber path. Private utilities include well, water, and septic pipes, irrigation systems, invisible fences, etc. If private utilities exist on your property and you are unsure of the location, we strongly advise you to hire a private utility locator company.

Note: Tipmont and/or its contractor(s) will initiate contact with 811/Call Before You Dig to identify underground PUBLIC utilities. Private utilities are not included in these surveys. 

What you can do: Make sure you return any missed calls from our engineers. Please review the Fiber – Outside Installation Agreement prior to your appointment date and be prepared to discuss the location of any private utilities. If you need to hire a private utility locator company, please do so as soon as possible. Following these steps will help keep the drop construction process on schedule.  

Drop Construction

This step includes running fiber cable from the road to a junction box that will be placed on the outside of your home. All work will be based on what was decided during your initial site visit.

Berry-It, our contractor, has started drop construction in the eastern zones. We estimate drop construction in western zones starting in late April/early May. To help us stay on track, we’ve deployed an additional drop crew in the Yeddo build area. However, even under the best conditions, circumstances beyond our control can affect construction. While spring brings warmer weather, it also brings rainy days that can delay drop construction. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed along the way.

What you can do: Please have patience! Construction has many moving components occurring simultaneously. This makes it difficult to identify when the drop construction to your home will occur. Remember, you do not need to be present for this work to take place. We will leave a door hanger to let you know the work is completed.  


At our last virtual community night, we estimated in-home installations occurring approximately ten weeks from the date you ordered service. As you can see above, there are many things that can affect the final installation timeline, including weather and large order volumes. We will keep you updated as we move through this process. 

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Why does fiber internet installation take so long?

We are building our infrastructure from the ground up! We know it can feel like a lifetime when you are waiting for something you are really looking forward to experiencing. We promise the wait for ultra-fast, reliable internet will be worth it. 

We share in your excitement and look forward to seeing you connected to better internet!

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